Biblical teaching on dating and courtship

She is her husbands equal in the grace or gift of life (I Peter 3:7).The husbands role is to provide and protect the family: to give strength, support, stability and security.

It is also intended to be a harmonious partnership: And they twain shall be one flesh (Matthew 19:6a, Mark 10:8a).

Here headship is not in the sense of being the boss of the show, nor does it mean that his is the masters voice in all matters, but in the sense of being a spiritual leader, directly in responsibility to God who is your Head.

The husband is to show deference to his wife as the weaker but not an inferior partner.

J Allan Petersen, in his preface to the book Before You Marry, writes: No sane person would ever leap blindfolded over an unknown cliff with nothing but a hope that it would prove to be a good decision.

No wise person would commit himself to life in a strange land without knowing something about what to expect and the difficulties he would inevitably face.

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