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Angela asked to hold Sully, and Sharon reluctantly let her.

Sharon asked Angela why she was at Fairview, and Angela said that she sometimes helps out at Fairview.

Bert convinced Agnes to pretty the baby up in a thrift store dress so she would impress whomever's coming over. Agnes was assured that the baby would go to good people then Primrose handed an envelope over for Bert to count with ,000 cash. The woman assured Agnes that the baby would soon be someone's treasured princess. Alex Dettmer is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. Alex called in Fisk's bodyguard, Stan, to interrogate Dylan.

Noah confronts Adriana and demands answers, to which she denies knowing anything about the money but later reveals she had stolen, claiming it was "finder's keepers." Adriana eventually finds the duffle bag at Kevin and Chloe's house and steals it back and attempts to run off again, asking Noah to join her which he declines and begs Adriana to turn the money to the police.

Adriana eventually does and it is revealed that Alex and Adriana are actually brother and sister.

While they were interrogating Dylan, Sharon Mc Avoy called and as soon as she heard Alex's voice, she lied and said "wrong number".

Alex noted it was a woman on the other end, and Dylan said it was his boss's right hand woman, Amanda.

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