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Last year, the FBI opened more than 1,500 cases involving Internet child sexual exploitation, compared with only 113 cases in 1996.Law-enforcement agencies say it is difficult to investigate and prosecute Web-based sex crimes against minors due to aggressive defense tactics, a dearth of computer forensic specialists and other resources, poorly designed laws and a reluctance by some judges to treat crimes against children seriously.New York's oldest registered sex offender had moved out of a Buffalo halfway house for released inmates and into a place of his own in December, after completing his latest term in state prison for molesting little girls.But authorities on Monday said Sypnier had been detained for failure to participate in sex offender counseling.

When law enforcement crosses the line, the legal defense of entrapment can provide the accused the legal means to fight back and beat the charges.

In Michigan, entrapment occurs when the police engage in impermissible conduct that would induce a law-abiding individual under similar circumstances to commit the crime, or the police engage in conduct so reprehensible that it cannot be tolerated by the court.

A successful entrapment defense focuses on establishing unethical police tactics that coerce otherwise law-abiding citizens to break the law.

'Unrepentant heart' The judge who sentenced him said at the time that she expected him to die behind bars.

The director of the halfway house warned that the spry and active Sypnier has not changed from the manipulator who used his grandfatherly charm to snare and rape victims as young as 4.

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