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Walas Kwakiutl (Lakwilala), Kwakiutl (Kwágu7lh), Komkiutis, Kweeha (Komoyoi) and are known collectively as the Kwakiutl: "We have been called the Kwakiutl ever since 1849, when the white people came to stay in our territories.It was a term then applied to all the Kwakw'wakw - that is, all of the people who speak the language Kwakwala" (Kwakiutl Indian Band).

A huge collection of ethnographic artifacts was sent to Chicago along with 15 Kwakiutl adults and two children; "Here the groups of Native American peoples were to be arranged geographically, and to live under normal conditions in their natural habitations during the six months of the Exposition" (A History of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1898). Photo: American Museum of Natural History Franz Boas was part of the scramble for artifacts that took place during the great age of museum building in the US and Europe from c. The visual representation of ethnological artifacts was an important part of early academic research.In this light, the masks can be seen playing the reprehensible role as trophies of victory, mastery, ownership, control and domination.Ironically, these illustrations and texts today form a rare and valuable aid in the survival of First Nations culture.See: Franz Boas, Houses of the Kwakiutl Indians (1888).According to the influential British Association for the Advancement of Science, British Columbia was the best place in North America to conduct research in ethnography and anthropology: "[here] the tribes have suffered less displacement and change from foreign influences than those of any other region.

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