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We hiked the 5.5 miles from the Many Glacier Hotel and arrived at glacier’s edge late in the afternoon.The Grinnell is perhaps the most iconic of two dozen named glaciers in the Park. Millions more have been exposed to government imagery of the Glacier melting away.Upon our return to the Hotel after visiting the Glacier, we noticed that our brand-new photos appear to show that the Grinnell Glacier has grown slightly from the 2008 images that are displayed on the Hotel walls.There has been no reporting of this in any newspaper or broadcast that we know of.

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D., Founder, Lysander Spooner University National Park (GNP) straddles the continental divide along Montana’s border with Canada.The charter dated 14 Jan 971 under which her son "Letaudus comes et uxor mea Berta" donated property to Saint-Vincent-de-Mcon for the souls of "patris mei Albericiet matris mee Tolane Irmengardis quondam uxoris sue" by charter dated to [941] subscribed by "Alberici filii sui".The sources are contradictory when it comes to estimating the date of their marriage.Often the pictures do not precisely specify what calendar dates the photos were taken on.This is significant because the melting season is quite short and rapid, and an image from August can be starkly different from an image from just weeks earlier.

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