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In the last days of the Clone Wars, Palpatine appointed Tarkin as the first Moff, and when the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire, the new Emperor Palpatine gave him oversight of the construction of the Death Star.

Tarkin soon formulated the Tarkin Doctrine, which helped solidify his reputation as the greatest architect of the Empire save Palpatine.

As Grand Moff, Tarkin ruled with the same unyielding ruthlessness he had helped enshrine in Imperial doctrine, often cooperating with Darth Vader.

As the long-delayed construction of the Death Star stalled, Tarkin created the secret Maw Installation to refine the design, placing it under the control of his mistress and protégée, Admiral Natasi Daala.

There, seconds away from annihilating the Rebel headquarters, Tarkin died when Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star, a victim of his own belief in the Death Star's invincibility.

Driven to live up to every aspect of the family legacy, young Wilhuff Tarkin cultivated expertise in multiple fields, establishing a reputation as an intellectual prodigy with a well-rounded mind.

He displayed great aptitude as a tactician in the course of his schooling, drafted starship designs that inspired the design of interdictor craft, broke new ground in xenobiology theory, and demonstrated great talent as a poet and philosopher.

Valorum, though, was not the true target, and the Nebula Front was able to carry out the assassination of almost the entire Trade Federation Directorate as Tarkin watched in Seswenna Hall.

Valorum assigned the Judicial Department to investigate the incident, but, serving Palpatine's interests, Tarkin stonewalled the effort by claiming Eriaduan jurisdiction, then ensuring that the investigation stalled until most evidence had been lost.

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