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AIHA has to date established 21 Knowledge Management Centers (KMCs) at ZDF clinical sites and we are continuing to train medical personnel in effective research and implementation techniques to improve quality and efficacy of patient care.At these KMCs, healthcare personnel can easily tap into a wealth of up-to-date clinical research, texts, case studies, treatment protocols, and other evidenced-based resources that can guide their practice and improve quality of care and HIV/AIDS treatment outcomes.During that same timeframe, local KMC coordinators trained 114 individuals in the use of evidence-based clinical tools and research, clearly demonstrating ZDF’s commitment to supporting the ongoing professional development of military medical personnel.AIHA, the Georgia-based Global Partnership for Telehealth, and ZDF began collaborating on a groundbreaking locally driven, locally owned telemedicine program in March 2014.Although Zambia has made some impressive reductions in maternal and child mortality over the past two decades, rates are still high with 280 women out of 1,000 dying as a result pregnancy complications and 262 out of 1,000 dying before the age of 5.

Similarly, AIHA has supported the School’s efforts to draft curricula for injection safety and infection prevention, which are currently being implemented by faculty.AIHA established Knowledge Management Centers (KMCs) at both institutions and facilitated training for pharmacists on evidence-based medicine, online resources, and searching techniques.We’ve also provided targeted training on the use of Lexicomp, an online database that provides clinical information, including drug usage guidelines, that help health professionals make safer, faster care decisions.AIHA has been collaborating with Zambian Defense Forces (ZDF) military medical personnel since 2005 and has been providing direct technical assistance since 2007 through our Knowledge Management Initiative and pre- and in-service medical training in targeted fields such as emergency medicine, injection safety, and infection control at the Defense School of Health Sciences.The project is designed to improve provider access to evidence-based clinical resources as a means of enhancing care management for PLHIV and other military and civilian patients treated at ZDF clinical sites throughout the country.

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