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He is more at home playing it safe on the periphery of a large group of friends, where he can be relied upon to look out for the community interest and is seen as fair.

It leaves Libra Woman fairly enamoured with Aquarius Man on the whole, and he is unlikely to let any personal intimate affection go to his head. Sex can be a pleasing and delicate yet intense affair where they both set about “painting the picture” of the love their express for life and each other, trying to captive each other’s minds in the bedroom.

The Aquarius man's adventurous spirit would be liked by her and he in turn would like her balanced approach towards life.

There would be no domineering and they bring out the best in their partners.

They are both very easy going and undemanding of their partner, at first. This may be a slow burning relationship and sometimes they’ll wonder if it should really be this easy, convincing themselves there’s a catch where no exists. [hr] Libra and Aquarius energy can blend together so harmoniously yet often between Libra Woman and Aquarius Man, what struck them as ‘cute’ in one another at the beginning of their relationship often grows to be a concern later down the line.

This is a good “friends grew into lovers” kind of romance. Either these two can start off a long term friends that ‘fell into’ love against all expectations (and innocent Libra Woman will make sure this is the story they re-tell at parties) and perhaps second-guess if they should have taken it beyond friends later, or they will start of admiring one another heavily but making their own problems.

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