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My dad took me out of school for three months and I worked as a roadie at 15.“My earliest memories are of being four or five years old and being in jazz clubs with my dad and watching him perform, and him taking me out of school or on holidays, going on the road. My dad has always been into everything, whether it’s traditional jazz music or rock music – if it was great music, we were listening to it.”Masekela says the first time he went to an Afropunk Festival, he remembers being excited about performing his music with his father in the crowd for the first time.“It was incredible to be in a space where there’s no judgement, everyone is just celebrating being alive and you get to interact with people whom you normally wouldn’t.“I reached a point in my career where it didn’t feel like this has to work.I was at the point where this is something that I want to do so it wouldn’t make a difference in my life if people didn’t like it.” The name Alekesam is Masekela spelt backwards.Alekesam is the musical project of Masekela and Sunny Levine.They are a second-generation musical amalgamation as the sons of Bra Hugh and Stewart Levine, who has produced music for Bra Hugh for most of his career. “I never forgot that moment, so when I was working on an album, I didn’t want it to be, ‘Sal Masekela is making music’, so Alekesam just made sense.”, which takes viewers all over the globe to explore people, politics and culture through sport.But there is still much more to be heard and understood, which is why I am looking forward to seeing the film debut at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival.

When asked, for example, what it was like meeting U2, he replied, “It was amazing. It was really, really fun.”Banks is a bit more vocal with her distress (even as a passenger) but still manages to give solid answers to questions ranging from her preferred Hunger Games district to her favorite song to sing in the car (Cheryl Lynn’s “Got to Be Real”).

as a kid, if you told me that not only does my father get to go home and live out his full days, but that I will get the opportunity to also go back and share in a ground-breaking moment for the culture and play my music?

That’s the craziest dream ever: I get to play a show in South Africa and my father will be able to be there and watch.”Alekesam/Masekela Apart from his father’s lit jazz, growing up in the 80s during the birth of hip-hop shaped a huge part of Sal’s musical influence.“When we moved to California when I was a teenager, suddenly I was being exposed to alternative music that I’ve never heard before like Depeche Mode and New Order – all of that influenced me when it came time to make music.”And that time came later since the expectations of being his father’s son weighed on the younger Sal.

39 years later, the two confront the implications of the time apart that separated them, and the music that helped bring them back together.

Pic: Director Jason Bergh has said the film happened by a “beautiful, perfectly-timed accident,” in that it was supposed to be a short promo for Sal’s new album.

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