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A magnificently dressed Shaman would also be standing on top of the rock to bless the warriors as they ascended from below and into the light. In the tailings around the shaft behind the rock are tiny pieces of Jet scattered about.

Jet is not to be found (naturally or unnaturally) anywhere else on the Pueblo.

When I first read , it was one of the places that truly fascinated me.

It must have held more than the silence and mystery it keeps now; and maybe for all time forward.

So much can be wondered about the rock; its use of the tunnel, the shape and sculpting of the shaft, the possible altar within the Rock and what might have been placed there?

What were the Warrior Indian thoughts when being lowered down the shaft? I love that mysteries still exist and only need searched out and realized to then be pondered upon!

As you can imagine visiting with Forrest was such an awesome and unforgettable time.

I hope to convey some of the things shared in this new series, ‘Chatting with Forrest Fenn’; starting with Medicine Rock.

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