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Mendez Tweeted back, “hahahhahah genius use of gifs,” thus beginning speculation that they were an item. The two artists have a strong friendship that some hoped might be something more.Mendes was only one of the select few to get an invite to Taylor Swift’s exclusive birthday bash in 2014, and he also went on tour with the “Bad Blood” singer the following year.But the truth is, it was nothing more than friendship for them.Once upon a time, Shawn Mendes and actress, Chole Grace Moretz exchanged a few harmless flirty tweets.

Players may not place pieces in the lakes or the 12 squares in the center of the board. A player must move a piece in his turn; there is no "pass" (like that in the game of go).The International Stratego Federation, the game's governing body, sponsors an annual Stratego World Championship and Computer Stratego World Championship.The name Stratego was first registered in 1942 in the Netherlands.The game is a slightly modified copy of an early 20th century French game named L'Attaque.It has been in production in Europe since World War II and the United States since 1961.

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