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When the series was cancelled, Sachs called Estes and explained the spin-off and motivated him to participate.

Sachs promised that although he was playing a parent, he would not "be furniture..in the seldom seen or heard parents who populate many youth-centric series, like the Walsh parents on the original 90210." Sachs described Tata's casting as an accident; a friend told Sachs that he had seen Tata in a store, which led to the offer of a recurring role in the series.

Sachs explained that Jessica Stroup "came in dressed for the part, artsy and quirky, and she had her hair up and she had a bandana.

She nailed it." The producers were fans of Tristan Wilds for his acting on The Wire, and hoped to hire him as Dixon from the start of casting.

She falls in love with Jasper, a drug dealer and the nephew of the man she killed.She and Ethan later part ways and she gets back in Naomi's good books.In the season finale after prom, Annie is framed when Naomi's sister Jen ends up in bed with Liam.Jealous, Naomi uses this in favor to get back at her by kissing Annie's ex-boyfriend from Kansas at Annie's sixteenth birthday party.She also finds out that she shares a half-brother with Naomi from a previous high school relationship between her father Harry and Naomi's mother.

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